Limb Chipper

Built tough enough to withstand the daily grind, Vermeer brush chippers offer years of rugged and dependable service. Each is engineered with exclusive features that promote operator safety, easy operation, high efficiency and a wide range of chipping material capacity from 6” (15.2 cm) diameter up to 21” (53.3 cm). They’re also convenient to maintain and transport, making Vermeer a great value for arborists, contractors and tree care crews looking to boost productivity and capitalize on secondary chip markets.

This video will present selected operating procedures for Vermeer brush chippers, but is not a substitute for thorough and complete reading of your owner’s manual. When used properly your Vermeer brush chipper will give you may hours of productive service. It is equipped with useful safety features to help product you from serious injury. But, safe work practices are also a necessary part of accident prevention.