Cable Hoist

Material lifts take the effort out of moving products around the warehouse or storeroom.

Material lifts are generally used by small businesses or larger industrial companies to move stock. They come in a variety of sizes and can be small like a pallet truck or larger like a fork lift truck.

The smaller varieties have the option of castors and a brake to make use much easier and generally work on hydraulics to lift the heavy load into the correct position. This is ideal for those who have health and safety at work standards to adhere to. It reduces the risk of injury to employees where manual handling can become heavy and strenuous. It can also make moving bulky objects that are awkward to carry much easier.

The larger type of lift is used for much heavier loads. These lifts can also have baskets fitted to them to ensure there is no rolling of the product when being used at a great height. This makes it safer for the operator, and reduces the risk of damage to the stock. The larger type can be used in many industries such as theatre product for putting lighting in place.

All the models are generally compact enough to fit through doorways. Some can be folded down for easy storage or manoeuvrability. They are often manually operated which helps to ensure that the lift height is correct, again to avoid injury. Some types also come with a telescopic ladder attached so that the employee can get to the top of the lift easily. This can be useful when a product needs to be individually loaded into the storage bay. It means the heavy lifting is taken care of while the final positioning can be precise.

Material lifts can be used by anyone who is trained to use them. They are generally very simple to operate, but for safety reasons full training should be given to each person prior to use. Tool operators should also ensure that material lifts are stored away correctly with the brakes on to avoid any accidents.